How to Shut Off a Water Main Line

Do you know how to shut off your main water line?

Before a plumbing emergency happens it’s always a good idea to know where your homes main water line shut off valve is located. At some point in your homes lifetime, it will be necessary to repair your homes plumbing fixtures and knowing how and where to find its main water supply will be vital.

In most homes, you’ll find water shutoffs near all major water appliances. Under the kitchen sink, behind the toilet, at the washer and even in the basement or in the crawl space where the main water line comes into the house.

Once you have found the shutoff valve, it’s easy to shut the water off to the appliance or area that needs to be repaired. If you are unable to use the localized water shut off valve you will need to shut off the water main to make your repair. There are also many other reasons you might need to shut the water main like repairing frozen pipes, repairing leaks, or replacing fixtures.

Many frantic calls we get are the result of homeowners not knowing where the main water shut off valve is located. In these cases, the damage from busted pipes become much worse because they have to wait for us to get there to shut the main water line off.

The most common places water lines will be located in a basement, crawlspace, or in a cutout panel in a section for your home.

If your home is on city water your shut off valve will be in a box in your yard. Remove the cover and turn the valve to the off position. If you have water supplied by a well, be sure to shut off the breaker to the well pump to prevent the pump from pumping more water into the house.

Once you find the water main, you will just turn the valve clockwise to shut all the water off in your home. Some homes will have a ball valve with a lever that you can pull instead of turn to shut the water off.

Don’t wait for a water emergency to know where your water cutoff valve is located.

Take the time to educate all family members on where and how to shut off the water supply before more damage is done.

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